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Ringling College of Art and Design took on a major expansion project, to open up a state of the art sound stage/production facility here in Sarasota. The City of Sarasota has approved a land transfer deal that will give Ringling some of the remaining property it needs to build a new sound stage. "It's to not only provide space for students to shoot their films and do the work that they need done but more importantly bringing in commercial productions to Sarasota," added Thompson. Thompson believes the goal is achievable to make Sarasota a hub of the film arts and this is one of  the first steps. The soundstage opens up opportunities for many people from students to professional film makers alike along with providing a great economic boost for the

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Florida offers some of the most affordable waterfront homes in the country. Turning dreams of living near the beach and on the water into a reality. Here on the west coast is featured a small old Florida town known as Bradenton. Offering an assortment of quirky and tropical beaches like Anna Maria Island, Holmes Beach and Bradenton Beach. Bradenton offers a robust artistic community as well as historic with lots of museums and art centers. A vibrant downtown with Riverwalk and Village of the arts. Plenty of outdoor activities, visit Robinson Preserve, DeSoto National Memorial Park, the Cortez fishing Village and the Manatee Village Historical Park. A collection of restored, historic buildings from Manatee County's pioneer past, the historical

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According to statistics recently released by the Realtor Association of Sarasota and Manatee counties home prices in Manatee County rose 7.5% and 10.3% in Sarasota County while single family homes gained 9% in value across the region ending the year 2016 with a median price of $264,500 in Sarasota and $285,000 in Manatee County. Both counties were above the national growth rate at 4% which is wonderful news. However, we have seen some decreases in other areas of the housing market involving the rising mortgage rates and supply shortages that are pushing higher prices. New construction is not being built fast enough for the influx of demand while existing homeowners are hesitant to list their properties for sale.  Manatee County experienced an 8.2

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Living the Florida life means enjoying the sun and warmth all year so having a pool home is an absolute luxury when living in the Sunshine State! Unlike colder areas of the United States, here in Florida owning a pool home means getting lots of use out of your pool for the whole year and makes for a great selling point to boost the price of your home. Needless to say, swimming pools are a profitable and enjoyable investment for your home whether you are buying or selling. We picked our top five favorite pool homes from our team Coffey and Company’s listings that we believe are exemplary pool homes to Florida living!


1) 506 VENICE LN, SARASOTA, FL 34242


A spectacular British West Indies custom design home on world renowned Siesta Key.

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According to the latest annual survey by the Association of Foreign Investors the U.S. is the world’s most popular choice for foreign real estate capital. An overwhelming 95% of respondents to the AFIRE survey said they planned to increase or maintain their level of U.S. investment, and 66% said their sentiment was unchanged or more optimistic about the prospect for US real estate. It is considered a safe haven for capital and U.S. property market fundamentals are strong. Although there are some factors which bring uncertainty such as the strength of the dollar making it more expensive and difficult as well as the political uncertainty. Washington D.C. has also dropped on the survey of top cities as a global destination but other U.S. cities are

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Devils Den

Florida is not short of entertaining sites to visit and explore; from its world renowned beaches like that of Siesta Key Beach, featuring its soft rose quartz sand, all the way to the splendors across the coast, home to the world renowned amusement park, Disney Land. But Florida is also brimming with pre-historic history and a stunning natural landscape, offering some of the world’s most amazing springs. Devil’s Den Springs is a privately owned and operated SCUBA diving training and recreational facility located in Williston, Florida and it must not be missed. The spring features an exposed subterranean river with crystal clear blue water in an underground cave. Light shines through an opening from above giving divers full view of the

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Across the pond the world turned to Britain for its decision on Brexit which would take many by surprise; shortly after, America would have its turn to surprise the world with one of its most heated and controversial elections in its history, closing with the triumphant Donald Trump to take office as President of the United States of America for the next four years. Consequently, all this uncertainty within the political sphere has had a great effect on various economic markets worldwide.  But how exactly will those buying or selling their homes within the housing market be affected? The good news is, historically, housing markets are not heavily affected by elections, rather any drastic changes will be much more pronounced within the stock market.

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Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston is one of the most scenic and charming cities in South Carolina, mentioning here the dynamic Georgian houses besides Rainbow Row and breathtaking graders. If you decide to visit it do not forget to experience the best food scene ever.

 Aspen, Colorado

Even though this city is considered as a winter town, do not hesitate to pass by in any other season. Take a long walk in the Hunter Creek Trail, be amused at the Aspen Art Museum or just go to the Aspen Saturday Market and pick the best artisanal cheese.

 Santa Fe, New Mexico

If you love food and if you want to feel welcomed, visit Santa Fe. It is one of the most scenic cities full of history and inspiration. Don't miss the country's oldest church,

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Siesta Beach Made It on the List of 10 Best Beaches This 2016


At the annual list of best beaches released by Dr. Beach, Siesta Beach was able to land at the no. 2 spot. The last time that this majestic shoreline made it on the list was last 2011 when it clinched the highly coveted first spot.


The annual list is created by a professor of the Florida International University named Stephen Leatherman better known as Dr. Beach. In order to determine the ranking of the beaches in whole United States, there are at least 50 criteria where they need to excel. On the previous year, those beaches that previously landed on the top spot are no longer qualified to enter the list. However, this year, Dr. Beach decided o reset the ranking and allow

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Venice, Florida has two reputations; one is for being known as the biggest "little" city on Florida's Gulf Coast. The city is also known as the "Shark Tooth Capital of the World”. The young families and retirees, who move to Venice, love that there is a rich history of kids going to the beaches to find shark teeth. Also if you are looking for a monetary return on investment for moving to Venice, you will be glad to know that these shark teeth can be sold for up to $300.

Beyond its pretty beaches Venice has a lot more to offer due to its reputation for being a big little city. Many entrepreneurs, artist’s, and live event companies look to Venice to host their Florida events. A great example would be the upcoming (October 8Th) “Sleuthfest” produced by

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