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Many question the value of hiring a realtor to buy or a sell their home often believing they can do it themselves by using the internet to do all their marketing. However, there are many reasons why you should have a realtor by your side when buying or selling your home. In the state of Florida there are over 7,000 licensed agents so it is advised to do your research and find a top quality realtor who will provide you with the best experience. We have listed several reasons why we believe it is important to work with a Realtor:

1) Handling High Emotions in Transaction 

The process of buying or selling a home is one of the biggest life decisions one can make and often leads to many overwhelming emotions that have the potential to negatively

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Summer has arrived and the first sea turtle nests of the year have been discovered in Venice, reported by the Mote Marine Laboratory located in Sarasota County!  Every year, starting at the beginning of the summer months, nesting season begins for sea turtles and ends in October. Sadly, sea turtles are a threatened species and it is important for locals and visitors to be aware of their impact on these creatures as it can prove devastating to the lives of the sea turtles. They are especially susceptible when they begin to first hatch and find their way to the ocean.


Over 100,000 sea turtles nest on Florida beaches each summer, the most common variety of sea turtle to be found is the Loggerhead. Leatherbacks and Green Sea turtles are endangered

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Sarasota is sunny and warm all year round making it the perfect place to own a pool. In addition, a pool adds value to your home making it both a fun and wise investment. There are so many ordinary pools to choose from but to really add value and excitement to your home a creative pool design can be the perfect addition. There are many designs to choose from, offering luxurious designs to minimalistic but our favorite pool designs offer a lagoon like feel with cascading waterfalls, rocks and water slides. In your own backyard a tropical oasis can be created.

The surrounding landscape is taken into consideration when designing these homes using the landscape as a means to transport swimmers into a tropical paradise. Depending on how in depth

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Florida is full of exotic plants and animal species placed in wild and fascinating ecosystems. One of the most interesting plant species found in Florida is a cactus that blooms only one night of the year during the summer months. This flower has been related to the moon as it distinctively blooms as a pale white color once the sun has gone down. Once the sun rises it begins to wilt and dies within the morning, the last of its blooming for the rest of the year.  For 364 days of the year the plant is a prickly snakelike vine that can appear quite sinister and yet blooms one of the most beautiful flowers imaginable. Henry VIII had these flowers in his royal gardens at Hampton Court to outdo the French King's garden. It's referenced in many books and

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Sarasota is growing at a rapid pace, going from its small town feel to a larger and more modern seaside city as its popularity continues to rise.  Sarasota has agreed to allow an 18 story high rise condo to be built along with a new office buildings and a multitude of other building projects. This begins the new construction boom for downtown Sarasota that had heavily slowed down after the recession. These developments are well on their way to helping build the Sarasota Real Estate back up after a long period of slow growth. New construction is always a good sign for the area as it shows the economy is doing better. We are seeing the construction of new hotels, shops, luxury condos, and more!  Although, some residents are wary of the changes

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Sarasota recently named one of the top 100 places to live at number 21 on the list by U.S. News and World Report. It is the best place to live in the whole of Florida and its not hard to understand why with the high ratings for our beaches and local restaurants. Siesta Key named recently as the best beach in the country and 5th world wide, Sarasota has been attracting a lot of attention. Growing concerns of the cities infrastructure have been voiced as its popularity continues to grow and the amount of people re-locating to sunny Sarasota. However, Sarasota still stands strong and remains a hub for cultural arts, vacationing and delicious food options! 



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What we normally refer to as "Key West" style houses is actually known as "The Conch Style" taking its name from a vast history involving the early settlers and a demand for building materials. The Vernacular architectural style is broad, encompassing designs elements to the need of the local area and the construction materials that are available locally. Vernacular architecture reflects the local traditions and uses the unique skills of builders in the area with special expertise. The style evolves over time and changes within environmental, cultural and historical context. In Florida, we have The Conch Vernacular Style, its gots its name by early settlers who would make mortar from water, sand and lime obtaining the lime through burning Conch

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Bradenton, Florida is known for keeping its old world Florida feel and holding some of the best hidden gems on the West Coast. While Sarasota gains in popularity and tourism, Bradenton remains quiet with some of the best beaches and architecturally stunning homes kept hidden away. In addition, the homes in Bradenton remain at affordable pricing which makes it a ideal for many home buyers who want the luxury of living in a charming beach town without the hefty price tag. One can find new construction waterfront homes for under $400,000! There are many enjoyable activities to take part in and around Bradenton with Farmer’s Markets to enjoy as well as a thriving arts and culture scene. The River District is one of Bradenton's most sought after area's

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March proved to be a strong month for both counties. The combined closed sales for condos and single family homes increased by 6.2% this year as well as overall median sales price. As we come to a close to season, there is a slight increase to sales with many pending contracts on there way to being sold in March/April. pending sales for Sarasota condos increased by 21.8 percent, while single family homes increased by 7.6 percent. Manatee condos experienced a 6.4 percent decrease. Inventory increased across both counties in March, with single family homes increasing by 13 percent in Sarasota and by 10.5 percent in Manatee. Condo inventory increased by 18 percent in Sarasota and by 4.1 percent in Manatee. Median sales prices also continue to rise in

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A recent survey lead by National Association of Realtors, The 2017 Animal House: Remodeling Impact  has revealed how valuable pets are to homeowners and its weight of impact on buying or selling a home. Owning a pet can be troublesome when planning to buy or sell with various housing restrictions for buyers to intensive house cleansing for sellers. According to this survey a majority of homeowners who own pets are willing to make the sacrifices as they highly consider their pets as members of their family. Survey results almost reaching 100% when asked if they consider their pet as part of the family with a majority saying they would refuse an offer if it was not ideal for their pet. Eighty-nine percent of those surveyed said they would not give

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