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Sarasota Real Estate Blog

U.S. News and World Report has named #Sarasota as the #1 City for Retirees. They collected data and analyzed 100 US Metropolitan areas and Sarasota reigned the winner. What drove this determination in rank you ask?  The 2018 Best Places to Retire were determined based on a methodology that factored in measures including housing affordability, desirability, retiree taxes, the happiness index, job market and healthcare quality. These measures were selected and weighted based on a public survey of pre-retirees (age 45-59) and retirement-age (age 60+) individuals across the U.S to find out what matters most when considering a place to retire. Data sources include the U.S. Census Bureau, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as well as U.S. News rankings of the Best

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SARASOTA, Fla. (September 20, 2017) –

Compared to August 2016, the latest market report shows an increase in closed sales, median prices, and inventory for single family homes, while condos in the two-county area reported an increase in closed sales and pending sales. The August 2017 data was compiled from My Florida Regional Multiple Listing Service by Florida Realtors®.

Closed sales for single family homes increased by 6.9 percent from August 2016 in the two- county area. As for condos, closed sales also improved slightly from last year, with an increase of 0.8 percent. Combined, closed sales climbed from last month with a 6.4 percent increase to 1,819 sales in August.

When looking at closed sales thus far in 2017, sales are higher

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With online leads and referrals accounting for a huge part of the real estate business, it’s important to set up measures to ensure you’re building a great relationship with your prospects and clients from the very beginning. We’ve put together 3 tips to help you build better client relationships that will ultimately help you close more deals.


As part of the initial onboarding process with your new client, set expectations for how they prefer you communicate with them. Millennial client? Maybe they prefer text messaging over calling. Others may only prefer to talk over the phone or via email. Asking them for their preferences demonstrates that you care about the details and want to provide them with the best

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 Contractors may be your client’s go-to person during a home renovation. To ensure things go smoothly,® warns of a few phrases homeowners should never say to the contractor, including:

1. “I’m not in a hurry.”

 Don’t put too much or too little pressure on the contractor. If the work is Time sensitive than tell them! At the same time, set perameters and realistic deadlines. Time is often money and convenience.

2. “We had no idea this would be so expensive.”

Nothing is worse than having to write a check to a contractor ABOVE the expected amount. How about how the contractor feels? They put in all the time and effort into the project with an expectation of being comensated. The money talks need to occur PRIOR to any work being

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When a luxury Buyer is Home shopping, their wants and needs will be different than the average consumer. In most cases, money is not the factor or the primary focus. Most Luxury Buyers are using Cash or Investment lines of credit to purchase the home.

What is a “Luxury Buyer?”

Florida LUXURY Real Estate Buyers tend to be self-made, and they own approximately four homes each. Their primary Florida Home is typically worth $9 or $10 million! It is a fact that wealthy people have significantly increased over the last few years. The number of wealthy people has almost DOUBLED within the past 5 years in Sarasota alone. Not to mention, those at the top tier above the wealthy has increased by 53%. Rich people are wealthier than ever.  So, when you are a

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So far 2017 has been a good year for the Florida Real Estate market! In this blog, both buyers & sellers will learn the Top 10 Tips to navigate the 2017 Sarasota, Florida market. Locally in Sarasota, Florida; lower and median-priced homes continue to increase toward their pre-recession sales highs whilst luxury and higher priced homes have appeared to stabilize. Nationally, mortgage rates in 2017 have increased slightly but are still recording record LOWS.

Below are 10 tips to help navigate through the Sarasota, Florida 2017 Market Conditions:


1. First Time Homebuyers Should Buy Today

It has been estimated that more than half of the sales in 2017 are to be made by first-time homebuyers. They will be millennials who are moving out of their

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Each month, My Florida Regional Multiple Listing Service provides Inventory statistics to the local Florida Realtor Boards. The Statistical Report for the month of June 2017 shows an increase of Inventory, Median Sales Price & Time to Contract. Within this data, you will also see an increase in "PENDING" Sales and a decrease in "CLOSED" sales as compared to last year. Here are a few Featured Statistics:


The Sarasota condo market had a significant 36.2 percent increase in pending sales and a jump in NEW listings, but a decrease in median Price. The Inventory continues to increase year after year. However, compared to last month, inventory showed a decrease by 6.2 percent from last month.

Single family homes Inventory dropped by

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University of Central Florida economist predicts state economy to surpass $1 trillion next year, making it the 16th largest economy in the world 

Economist Sean Snaith, the director for the Institute for Economic Competitiveness at the UCF College of Business Administration in Orlando, Florida, predicts that Florida's gross state product will break the $1 trillion mark next year – and then climb to $1.074 trillion in 2019, an expansion at an average annual rate of 2.9%. 

Besides making the Florida economy the 16th largest in the world, as ranked by the World Bank, that gross state product growth outpaces the projected average for the United States’ gross domestic product for the same period. Snaith also sees job growth in Florida outperforming the

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When you buy or refinance a house, you naturally want the best mortgage rate available to you. And if you follow these four tips, you’ve got a great chance at getting it.

What Affects Your Mortgage Rate?

You probably know that everyone is not offered the same mortgage rate, even by the same lender. Your rate depends on several factors:

- Borrower risk profile. The most desirable borrowers are those with excellent credit, a substantial down payment (or lots of home equity if refinancing), buying a single-family primary residence.  

- Shopping behavior. Studies show that consumers who shop more pay less. Obtaining multiple loan quotes really does get you a lower mortgage rate.

- The mortgage product you choose. The rate you pay depends on the

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Sarasota Ranks TOP Place to Live in United States

In a recent survey by online credit rating company WalletHub, the city of Sarasota ranks number 12 on their list of “2017 Best Beach Towns to Live In.”  The company looked at 227 different cities with populations between 10,000 and 150,000 people and at least one beach and then ranked them across six key dimensions:

  1.     Affordability

  2.     Weather

  3.     Safety

  4.     Economy

  5.     Education & Health

  6.     Quality of Life

Sarasota scored highest in the Quality of Life area, which crunches data from a wide variety of factors ranging from average commute times to public beaches, water access and swimming pools per capita to shopping, dining, nightlife and recreational outlets. Coming in number 3 on the

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