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Venice, Florida has two reputations; one is for being known as the biggest "little" city on Florida's Gulf Coast. The city is also known as the "Shark Tooth Capital of the World”. The young families and retirees, who move to Venice, love that there is a rich history of kids going to the beaches to find shark teeth. Also if you are looking for a monetary return on investment for moving to Venice, you will be glad to know that these shark teeth can be sold for up to $300.

Beyond its pretty beaches Venice has a lot more to offer due to its reputation for being a big little city. Many entrepreneurs, artist’s, and live event companies look to Venice to host their Florida events. A great example would be the upcoming (October 8Th) “Sleuthfest” produced by

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Venice Florida is a picturesque city right next to the Gulf of Mexico. You can see wonderful sunsets on the long expansive white sand beaches and go snorkeling just off the coast. The community is one of a home town feel but has vibrancy like no other in city Florida and gives the sunshine and warmth you desire.


The average age in Venice is sixty-five and the average home price in around two hundred thousand dollars. The national average is upwards of three hundred fifty thousand for a two bed two bath home but these do not come with a laid back lifestyle with very low crime rates.


There are two wonderful gated communities with the best in class accommodations for even the most astute condo and villa lovers. There is the Sarasota National

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Venice Florida with its long sandy coastal beaches right on the Gulf of Mexico will leave anyone breathless. It is attractive for real estate especially among those over fifty-five because of the cost of living and the calm homey life-style.


Venice has something for everyone from the local downtown night life that may be attractive for the younger mid-thirties crowd to the palm and banyan tree lined boulevards. The picturesque backdrop is home to some of the most beautiful condos, rental properties, and homes that are priced under the national average.


If you are looking to retire and want the best in accommodations and lifestyle with low crime and beautiful beaches and wonderful local community, then Venice, Florida is perfect for you.

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Now, there are quite a lot of specifications that have to be taken into account when purchasing a retirement real estate. This is mainly because of the nature of the purchase and the purposes that it has to serve. With this in mind, we’ve comprised a brief list of the most important things that you’d have to take into account if you’ve set on a journey to find the most appropriate real estate for your retirement years. Without any further ado, let’s take a look and find out why Venice, Sarasota might be one of the best choices for you.


Calm Community

The first thing that you need to take into account is the community. Preferably, you would want to find a place which has people of your age with the same intentions – to live their retirement

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Venice is a beautiful city in the county of Sarasota in Florida, USA. It has a significant selection of mainland as well as an island which is right off the coasts. It is a relatively small city with about 20,000 people in it which makes it the perfect place for retiring people to consider purchasing a real estate. The place is quiet, calm and enjoyable while having all the necessary establishments nearby.

 Sarasota County – Growing Interest

For the first time since 2007, the most popular place to retire is no longer Asheville, NC. For almost an entire decade this was the city which was overly preferred by people for their retirement real estate. However, in 2016, the tides seem to have shifted as this particular honor goes to the city of Sarasota.

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sarasota golf course communities

With a perfect climate and stunning natural landscapes, it’s no wonder that the Sarasota area is home to some of the finest golf courses in Florida. Perhaps even better than the courses themselves however, are the luxurious residences that surround them. These Sarasota golf course communities are highly sought after, offering so much more than golf, and encompassing the perfect Floridian lifestyle. Check out the list below featuring some of our favorite golf communities in Sarasota, FL.

Waterlefe Golf and River Club
A breathtaking setting and a top-ranked golf course—what more could you ask for? Waterlefe truly offers the best of Florida resort-style living. With a mix of residence styles from condos to manor homes, and many waterfront properties,

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Now, as it was stated in one of the upcoming editions of the prestigious Forbes Magazine, Venice is one of the cities amongst the top 10 in the country which are best suited for your retirement. The reasons are rather various, and they are the result of a combination between low crime rates, cost of living as well as the convenient location amongst many other ranking factors. According to a few interviewed current retirees living in the sunny Venice, the most attractive qualities of the region are the location – near the gulf as well as the overly friendly people who live there. With this in mind, the highly regarded Forbes Magazine has effectively chosen the city to be amongst the Top 25 Places to Retire back in 2014.

 Content Living According to

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In recent years, the area has been transformed by several streetscaping projects, including the addition of sidewalks and brick paving. A number of new luxury condos have been developed, including ONE88 Residences, which will be completed in September 2015 and the specular Aqua condos project. Situated in a prime spot on the west side of the peninsula, Aqua will offer residents unrivaled views of Sarasota Bay and Bird Key. There will be just eight of these fantastic residences and like many of the luxury condos on Golden Gate Point, private boat slips will be available for homeowners.

Browse Aqua Condos For Sale

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 Thinking of investing in real estate? Looking for a new place to live? Searching for the best city for retirement? In all of these instances, there is one place that you should know of – Sarasota.  This is a Floridian paradise that will surely captivate your attention the first time you see it. Live here for a couple of days, and it is almost sure that you will love it, giving you a good reason to make it the location for your next property. Whether you are looking for a real estate that would make an excellent investment or a property where you will actually be living, Sarasota makes a good choice.

Never Run Out Of Things to Enjoy

 There will be plenty of activities that can be enjoyed around the area. Whether it is for retirees, young urban

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When you are the owner of a luxury home, you are probably on the lookout for ways to increase the efficiency in your home without spending too much. By increasing your homes efficiency, you don’t just make it more affordable while living there, but also increase its overall value in case you wish to sell down the road.

 There are some improvements that you can make that are surprisingly affordable and provide a much larger return on your intimal investment.

 Smart Home System

Many new gadgets and devices are available to help provide your home with a smart upgrade. Doorbells can be used to show videos of those coming to your front door, as well as smarter garage door openers.

 Thermostats are made to be more energy efficient and smart

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